Review Moto Guzzi Stelvi 2024

Attention all adventure enthusiasts! Exciting news has just been confirmed. Moto Guzzi is set to unveil a remarkable new version of its Stelvio Adventure touring bike in 2024. You heard it right! After being discontinued in 2017 due to low sales and emission standards, Moto Guzzi has come back stronger than ever with a more advanced and futuristic Stelvio. Get ready to embark on thrilling adventures with this incredible machine. Stay tuned for more details, coming soon!

The new machine, set to be unveiled at next month’s EICMA show in Milan, is not a big surprise. Guzzi had already hinted at the return of a Stelvio at last year’s show, and since then, prototypes have been seen testing near their headquarters. Ahead of the show, Moto Guzzi has provided many details on its own website, including photos and technical specs. These reveal an adventure tourer with a strong focus on on-road performance, which is sure to catch the interest of many. Moreover, this new version, ready for Euro 5+ regulations, appears to offer many more features compared to the original, making it a very appealing option.

The anticipated name for the new bike is the V100 Stelvio, marking the expansion of the V100 line which made its debut with the V100 Mandello road tourer in the previous year.

For this reason, the Stelvio will be equipped with a “compact block” 1042cc liquid-cooled, transverse V-twin engine, as stated by Guzzi. This engine is projected to generate 115 horsepower at 8700 rpm and reach a peak torque of 77.4 lb ft at 6750 rpm. The power produced by the engine will be channeled to the rear wheel through a reliable shaft drive. According to the company, this engine will deliver an impressive burst of acceleration even at low revolutions, thanks to its off-road friendly torque. Additionally, Guzzi promises that the Stelvio will produce a rich and dynamic exhaust sound, a trademark characteristic of the brand that has been established over the years.

Guzzi has earned a reputation for crafting motorcycles with an exhilarating touch, and it’s no surprise that the Stelvio follows suit. Drawing inspiration from the exceptional V100, this model is anticipated to boast the same steel tubular frame, utilizing the engine as a key structural component. Embracing its wild off-roading nature, the Stelvio comes equipped with a versatile aluminum handlebar that can be adjusted to your preference.

Innovative and imaginative, the Stelvio boasts a tubeless-friendly wheelset that combines a 19-inch front wheel with a 17-inch rear wheel, both elegantly spoked. Equipped with top-of-the-line Brembo brakes, this sleek steed effortlessly tames any terrain. To ensure a smooth ride, the Stelvio sports 46mm forks teamed up with a mono shock at the rear, delivering an impressive 6.69 inches of travel for both the front and rear suspensions. What’s more, these components are designed with hydraulic adjustment capabilities, allowing for effortless fine-tuning of rebound and preload.

The electronics package on the all-new Stelvio is packed with cutting-edge technology. With its five-inch color TFT display, riders can enjoy the freedom to personalize their riding experience with five customizable modes. Not only does the bike come with essential features like traction control, cornering ABS, and cruise control, but buyers also have the option to enhance their ride with Guzzi’s innovative PFF Rider Assistance Solution. This state-of-the-art system utilizes 4D imaging radar both in the front and rear to constantly monitor the surrounding environment, providing added safety and peace of mind. Whether it’s maintaining the ideal spacing on the road while in cruise mode or detecting potential hazards in a rider’s blind spot, this advanced technology truly takes riding to a whole new level.

The bike’s aesthetic has been significantly updated, with sleeker lines and integrated bodywork that Guzzi claims was perfected in wind tunnel testing. The saddle features a more noticeable dip, which aligns with the bike’s overall design goal of a universally comfortable seat height. The Stelvio continues to showcase its signature jutting cylinder heads, and we appreciate its clean, chin design without a prominent beak.

Get ready to hit the road in style with the new Stelvio! You’ll love the sleek look of the large electronically-adjustable windscreen, perfect for all your touring adventures. And with a generous 5.54 gallon tank, you can go the distance, covering an impressive range of about 250 miles. The LED lights not only provide excellent visibility, but also add a touch of modernity to this updated bike.

But that’s not all – the Stelvio is about to take your adventure to the next level. The previous generation offered an NTX package, loaded with all the amenities you need for off-road exploration. Aluminum skid plate, engine guards, Hella lighting, hand guards, and high-quality quick-detach panniers – it had it all! And if you’re wondering if this package will be available for the new-gen Stelvio, we’ll have to wait and see. However, Guzzi has promise us on their website that a treasure trove of factory accessories will soon be revealed. So get ready for even more options to make your Stelvio truly your own!

We can’t wait to unveil all the exciting updates at the upcoming EICMA event in Milan from November 7th-12th! There’s so much more to look forward to, and one burning question on our minds is the Stelvio’s price. Guzzi has always offered their flagship adventure bike at a very attractive price point compared to its rivals, and we’re crossing our fingers for the same great value with this new model.

2024 Moto Guzzi Stelvio Specs

ENGINE TYPE: Liquid-cooled 90° transverse V-twin cylinder. Double overhead camshaft distribution with finger rocker arms and four valves per cylinder
BORE AND STROKE: 96 x 72 mm
MAXIMUM POWER: 115 CV (84,6 kW) at 8,700 rpm
TORQUE: 105 Nm (10,7 kgm) at 6,750 rpm
FUEL: Electronic fuel injection; dual Ø 52 mm throttle bodies and Ride by wire management
FUEL TANK CAPACITY: 21 liters (reserve 3.5 liters)
CLUTCH: Wet multi-disc clutch with slipper clutch and hydraulic control and integrated clutch slave
GEARS: 6-speed gearbox
PRIMARY TRANSMISSION: Straight-geared, gear ratio: 31/48 (1.548)
PRIMARY TRANSMISSION: Cardan shaft drive: gear ratio: 12/38 (3.166)
CONTROL MANAGEMENT: 3 engine maps (MGCM), 3 levels of engine brake control (MGFM), 4 levels of traction control (MGTC), cruise control. 5 Riding modes (Touring, Rain, Road, Sport, Off-Road)
FRAME: Tubular high-strength steel frame
FRONT SUSPENSION: Front suspension Sachs telescopic hydraulic upside-down fork, Ø 46 mm, adjustable spring preload and rebound hydraulics
FRONT WHEEL TRAVEL: 6.7″ (170 mm)
REAR SUSPENSION: Aluminum single-sided shock absorber left side, adjustable in spring preload with knob and rebound hydraulics
REAR WHEEL TRAVEL: 6.7″ (170 mm)
FRONT BRAKES: Front: dual stainless steel floating discs, Ø 320 mm, Brembo radial-mount calipers with 4 opposed pistons and metal braided hose
REAR BRAKES: Rear: stainless steel disc, Ø 280 mm, Brembo floating 2-piston caliper. Continental ABS with cornering function
WHEELS: Aluminum alloy
FRONT RIM: Tubeless spoked 3.0″ x 19″
REAR RIM: Tubeless spoked 4.5″ x 17″
FRONT TYRE: Radial tubeless 120/70 – R19″
REAR TYRE: Radial tubeless 170/60 – R17″
BATTERY: 12 V – 12 Ah
LENGTH: 2.195 mm
WIDTH: 945 mm
WHEELBASE: 1520 mm
TRAIL: 116.4 mm
DRY WEIGHT: 489.4 lbs (222 kg)
WET WEIGHT (90% FUELED): 542.3 lbs (246 kg)

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